Why chocolatecherrypie?

In case you’re wondering WHY I named my website “chocolatecherrypie” – here’s a good reason:

When you bite into a buttery, flaky crust dusted lightly with sugar, expecting a sweet and juicy cherry filling … and instead find a rich, dark, bittersweet chocolate melting into your mouth around the sweet cherries … then you might understand what it may be like to have a child with a disability in your family.  We have two lovely children … the experience is both sweet, and bittersweet.  We expected cherries, but ended up with a little something more in the decadent chocolate.  This kind of pie is bittersweet, and we have to put a little more work into preparing it.  Our chocolatecherrypie is intense, flavourful, and has the potential to be absolutely wonderful if we bake it right!  Chocolate Cherry Pie  is not for everyone, and not everyone will enjoy it.  We do.


One thought on “Why chocolatecherrypie?”

  1. A truly wonderful way to describe your life. You and AJ handle this all with the utmost grace and style. I so admire you both. You have taught me to be so grateful for what I have in my life and I dont gripe so often now. Life is what we make of it afterall. I have given up waiting for something amazing to happen to me in life.. instead I will try and make something amazing of my life. This is what you do every day!!

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