Meet the Princesses

Princess Julie and Princess Claire (not their real names of course), are the reason my world goes around.  Claire was five years old when I started my blog, and is now six.  She is as energetic as you could imagine, and likes to do everything “by myself!”  She likes to garden, wash dishes, draw and paint, and choose coordinating outfits for anyone who will allow her this privilege.  She has also been known to stand still for long periods of time in shop windows to “trick” people into believing she is a mannequin.  As we live in Crazy Camera, a prominent tourist town, she happily eases her way into photos – most often by befriending young Asian students (but only if she approves of what they are wearing!).  Claire would like to be a teacher or an opera singer, and she presently enjoys “The Chipmunks” and “Music Together.”

Julie has an infectious laugh and an incredible zest for life!  She is an amazing teenager with a high degree of patience (what other parent can say that!).  She loves social settings, and particularly loves the “Spyder” on midways.  Unfortunately, she has spent a lot of time in hospital.  She was not only three months premature, but she was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy, cortical deaf-blindness, and a host of medical issues involving the liver, heart, immune system, blood vessels, clotting, bleeding, spine, hips, and biochemical levels.  She has had frequent surgeries, and has several surgeries pending.  Despite all these issues,  Julie is a very sweet girl with a good sense of humour.  She especially likes to tease her younger sister.  She has a low tolerance for stimulation when she tires, and is presently learning to “talk” using the PODD system set up by Gayle Porter in Melbourne, Australia.  She loves all songs by Aqua, the soundtrack of Mamma Mia, and also enjoys listening to reggae, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Enrique Englesias, Justin Bieber, and various operas including The Phantom of the Opera.  Julie’s favorite activities are art, music therapy, and gardening.  Her natural enemies include the local deer, who nibble on her strawberry plants if given the chance.


One thought on “Meet the Princesses”

  1. Hi Princesses! Having personally known these two Princesses for some time now, it’s absolutely wonderful that so many people can read about them now. I look forward to all future adventures.
    Love Trish

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